Borrowing Instruments

Instrument Loan Programme
Most Saplings provide their own instruments, which they bring along to wherever a Sapling session is being held. Depending on the type of instrument (and quality), some instruments may be both costly to purchase and harder to procure from a general music shop.

Saplings has a variety of musical instruments that have been donated or purchased for use in the loan programme. The intent of the programme is to enable participants to learn/try an instrument for an agreed period of time to determine whether they wish to continue their journey towards mastery of it.  At the end of the agreed period, the instrument shall be returned so that someone else can also start their pathway of joy in playing bush music.

A copy of the full loan procedure and the loan agreement form can be requested by ……

Deposit and Length of Loan
As part of the loan agreement, there may be a deposit requested.  The size of the deposit is determined by the value of the instrument.
Usually, the instrument will be loaned for six months with the option of extending the loan.  The maximum period for any loan shall not exceed two (2) years.

Instrument Value
Each instrument placed into the loan programme shall have an agreed instrument value assigned to it. 

Before any instrument is loaned out, it should be photographed and the condition of it documented and agreed to by the borrower (musician) and the parent or guardian if the musician is under 18.

Damage to instruments occurs from time to time, in spite of the care that people take to look after them.  Wear and tear will happen when an instrument is in constant use. 

Normal wear and tear (as judged by persons that play that particular instrument) is considered acceptable and no costs shall be accrued.  Where broken strings / (total) bow hair loss occurs, then the cost of replacement of the broken component shall be borne by the borrower at that time.  When the instrument is on a brief loan during a Saplings session, then the replacement cost of the component shall be held against Saplings (BMC Inc).

In the event of an instrument being returned in a damaged condition, the cost of repairs / replacement shall be attributed to the borrower.  Assessment of cost of damage shall be from an acknowledged instrument repairer.  In the event that total destruction / loss of the instrument occurs, the borrower shall be liable for the agreed instrument value.

Instrument care and use
Prior to acceptance of the loan agreement, the musician shall be instructed on the care and maintenance requirements of the particular instrument on loan.

Once a musician has agreed to take an instrument, a copy of the Saplings Instrument Loan Agreement needs to be filled out and signed by the musician, parent or guardian, if under 18, and a Bush Music Club Representative.  The original of this document is to be kept by the Saplings sub-committee and a copy (hard or electronic) given to the musician.  Each time an instrument is leant out it is to be issued a loan number (which will be different to the instrument number).  The loan number is to be the instrument number plus the musician’s initials and is to be written on each page of the Agreement form.

Once the instrument is returned the Agreement form is to be completed and filed.

From time to time, someone from the Saplings sub-committee will contact the musician or parent either by phone or email to see how he/she is managing with the instrument.  Also, they will be contacted towards the end of the loan period.

Because the Bush Music Club is run totally by volunteers, it is difficult for the programme to support regular tuition on the instrument.  However, members of the Club will be happy to assist in finding a teacher.  Similarly, when the musician is ready to purchase their own instrument, members of the club will be happy to give advice on where and what to purchase.

The Borrowing Form

A copy of the Saplings Instrument Loan Agreement can be download by clicking the button below.