Instruments for Loan

Saplings Tutors have been given a number of instruments to help them get you started with playing. They are listed in the following section so you can see if there is something that you are interested in borrowing. 

Some of them are quite valuable and have come to us from Bush Music Club members keen to help with the Saplings programme. So we have a system for borrowing that involves a responsible adult signing an agreement. This is all explained on the Borrowing page

There are also a few instruments, such as some guitars, which are available for you to keep without any cost or paperwork required.

The Instruments

Anglo Concertina #98855

This nice 2-row Anglo Concertina was made in England by Lachenal and Co in about 1874. It has steel reeds that give it a clear tone and is the keys of C and G. It was kindly donated by Ian Young from Victoria and checked over by George Bolliger.

Anglo Concertina #72454

Having been serviced this Anglo Concertina is itching to be played. The instrument was made in England in about 1867. It has steel reeds tuned in the keys of C and G. Ian Young, a concertina player from Victoria offered it for Saplings to play.

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