Do you play an instrument? Would you like to have some musical fun with others 8 to 18 years? Would you like to learn some Australian songs and tunes? Then Saplings is for you!

The growing community of Saplings enjoy master classes, sessions, family camps, and workshops, at the Bush Music Club base at Marrickville and at many folk festivals in NSW and ACT.

The Saplings tutors form a special group of musicians. They all share a passion for playing tunes, singing songs and sharing their knowledge of Australian folklore. Older Saplings who have learnt the songs and tunes often become mentors and tutors for the younger ones. 

Bush Music Club

The Saplings initiative was created by the Bush Music Club Inc as a youth development programme to offer experience and tuition in Australian traditional folk music, song, dance, poetry and folklore in an informal and fun environment. 

The Bush Music Club Inc was founded in 1954 to share the songs and music that collectors such as founder John Meredith located and recorded. Songs from the men and women who lived as drovers, stockmen, shearers, and dance tunes from the old time players. The Club has maintained an active involvement in dances , concerts, festivals, balls as well as informal gatherings on camping weekends. Current activities can be explored on the website and past events are documented on the blog.

Saplings is keenly supported by the BMC and is run by a sub-committee of the BMC. 

Contacting Saplings

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Do you play an instrument? If so, what do you play? Are you a beginner? intermediate? advanced? How old are you? What part of the world do you live in? Do you like to go to folk festivals? Who is your favourite Australian performer?